Monday, May 31, 2010

Fit For Life Diet

The Fit For Life diet is based on the theory that combinations of certain foods can improve the digestive and intestinal functions of the body, and therefore lead to weight loss. So should you try it? Does it actually work? Read on to find out.
What does the plan involve?The Fit For Life plan involves eating specific foods at specific times of day. The diet states that the body cannot cope with digesting more than one concentrated food (any food other than fruit and vegetables) at the same time. The wrong combination of food leads to poor digestion and weight gain. The Fit For Life plan separates the day into three distinctive periods: 4am to noon is for the elimination of body waste, noon to 8pm is for eating and digestion, and 8pm to 4am is for absorption and use of the food you've eaten.
Food and recipesUnder the Fit For Life diet, you should eat fruit in the morning, wholemeal bread with soups and vegetables at lunch, and meat and vegetables at dinner. Cooking food is discouraged as it removes water and healthy enzymes. Fruit should be eaten in abundance but never immediately after any other foods.
Does the plan work?Fit For Life is a very low calorie diet so, in theory, if you follow the program you will lose significant weight. However, as with all restrictive diets, the Fit For Life diet will lead to nutritional deficiencies and imbalance if used for more the a week or two. The theories presented involving food combinations and the links between digestion and weight gain have not been proven.

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