Friday, August 20, 2010

Diet and Obesity

Being healthy and fit is the earnest desire of everyone. In today’s world, where we are entangled between out hectic work life and social circle, finding time for fitness and exercise becomes very difficult. Also the kind of diet we follow and food we eat makes us obese and hence more prone to diseases. Checking on the kind of food you eat and lifestyle you maintain helps you keep your body weight in control. Those people who are learned enough to know what is right to eat and what is not are able to keep themselves away from the prangs of obesity.

If you have been struggling to lose weight and have been looking out ways to reduce it then the very first thing that you need to change is your eating habits. People usually confuse exercising with food. They think if they are working out every day, they get the right to eat anything, which is of course not true. Keeping your diet healthy and nutritious helps to provide your body with right nutrients and helps it to stay healthy and strong. In order to lose weight you need to maintain a balance between healthy diet and exercise. Exercising regularly is important and so is eating healthy. If you are not aware of the food that would suit your body and help you lose weight then approaching a dietician is important.

A dietician would check your routine of eating food and will suggest you about the food groups that are healthy and less fattening. She will prepare a diet chart for you that will help you lose weight and also make you strong within. A dietician is an educated person who has studied the pros and cons of different food groups on the body and tells you the time to consume them for better and complete digestion.

Most of us know that eating breakfast is essential and skipping meals makes us fat as the metabolism of the body decreases due to it. Slow metabolism thus decreases the capacity of your body to digest food and absorb nurititon to use energy for your daily activities. Thus storing calories in the form of fat and making you obese.

A dietician gives you a complete diet which is designed to help your body lose weight and speed up your metabolism so that you lose weight even when you are sitting or resting. A dietician will divide your daily consumption of food in a way that you consume maximum during the morning and afternoon and less during the night. Eating less at night is healthy because since we are not using much energy and moving less, it becomes easier for our body to digest less food.

Therefore, if you are interested to lose weight and learn on healthy ways on living your life then it is necessary that you consult a dietician and start taking healthy food.

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