Friday, July 30, 2010

Early Signs of Throat Cancer

Despite the bad odor that clings to the very notion of cancer because of its incurable nature, cancer can be treated in its initial stage. Throat cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and over 25,000 Americans are diagnosed with throat cancer every year. The root cause of cancer can be traced to excessive smoking and drinking. Certain pollutants also accelerate the growth of tumors on the larynx or pharynx. Some people are sensitive to certain pollutants and if these people work in places where the presence of the particular pollutant in the air is dominant, they expose themselves to the risk of contracting throat cancer.

Early Indications of Throat Cancer

There are certain signs that come to the surface in the early stages of throat cancer. These signs, if ignored, can spell disaster for the concerned person and it is therefore important to take these signs seriously and go to a doctor at the earliest.

Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the most common problems that people around the world confront with every year. Sore throat can easily be cured in less than a week and under such circumstances you have nothing to worry about. However if the throat does not respond to medication and the soreness continues for an elongated period of time, it can be labeled as an early sign of throat cancer. Often people feel a lump in the throat that wouldn't fade away and if such a lump has been bothering someone for more than a week and a half, it is advisable to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.


Some people often suffer from sinus problems and it is hard to tell the difference between sinus in general and sinus as a sign of cancer but if an individual has been experiencing frequent headaches, neck pain and congestion repeatedly and the antibiotics seem to be as effective as iota, it is time for the concerned person to get in touch with a doctor.

Facial Paralysis

Some people experience facial paralysis or numbness in the face when throat cancer starts to build up. Severe neck pains and migraine attacks have also been branded as early symptoms of cancer. Physical changes on the neck and face are clearly visible in a person who has just stepped into the identity of a patient suffering with throat cancer.

Hoarse Voice and Other Signs

Hoarseness in the voice is a clear sign of laryngeal cancer. Early signs of throat cancer can be characterized by strained voice, raspy breathing and a hoarse voice. The harsh voice comes into picture as a result of tumor in the larynx. At times, changes in the voice are noticeable in an obvious way and under such circumstances the concerned person should push the panic button at once. Some other common symptoms include swelling in the eye, enlarged lymph, excessive cough and weight loss. In most cases of throat cancer, antibiotics and other medicines do not have any positive effect on these problems and these problems stay with the person for a long time. It is recommended to go to a doctor if these problems do not go away for more than a week and a half.

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