Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Lose Weight With Miracle Fruit

Losing extra weight whether it is 5 pounds or 25 pounds can be excruciatingly difficult. Most people know that in order to lose weight you need to have will power, focus and a plan. In this day and age we are all busy and busy means not having time make proper meals, not having time exercise as much as we should and because we're tired, we can succumb to temptation very easily. When temptation comes in the form of a chocolate bar or cookie or other high calorie snack - the impact on plans to shed extra weight can be disastrous. What if there was something that could satisfy a temptation craving but still be good for you? Miracle Fruit just might be that something!

Miracle Fruit is a berry plant that originates in West Africa. The berries themselves have a protein called miraculin that is nothing short of miraculous. When the miraculin hits your tongue, the protein binds with your taste bud receptors and enhances the ability to taste sweet. In fact, it works so well you can drink straight lemon juice or bit into a lime without even puckering. In fact, the lemon juice or lime slice will taste like you mixed it with a cup of sugar. Miracle Fruit is not new, it has been used by West Africans for centuries to sweeten simple foods such as cornbread, soups and porridge.

How can this fruit help you lose weight? It's simple: the key is to get your diet on track by reducing sweets. In order to reduce your intake of sweets, you need to be able to withstand the temptation to indulge yourself when you are hungry, stressed or in a hurry. To do this you will need to have healthy food at hand such as carrot sticks, apple slices or other fruit or vegetable. Simply eat a Miracle Fruit berry when temptation strikes and then indulge yourself in the sweetness of the snack. Carrots will taste like they are covered in brown sugar. Apple slices will taste like they are straight out of a pie and you will be on track to losing that extra weight!

The same principle can be applied at home as well. When you feel like snacking (which is the downfall of the dieter) make sure you eat a Miracle Fruit berry first and then head straight for the crisper instead of the cupboard. You can also indulge in things such as a lemon meringue pie - just leave out the sugar! You can also brew cold tea and pair it with a Miracle Fruit berry in order to feel like you are drinking sweetened iced tea.

Successfully losing weight feels amazing and with the right planning and tools you can be successful!

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