Friday, June 4, 2010


Diabetes mellitus also known as “diabetes”, is a serious metabolic disease that effects the body’s ability to derive energy from blood sugar, or glucose, characterized by increasing glucose level (blood sugar) in patient’s body, and this increased blood sugar level is result from defects in insulin secretion, which leads to hyperglycemia.
Insulin is hormone necessary for glucose metabolism. The major factor that causes Diabetes are usually Environmental & hereditary. More than 18 Million of North Americans have Diabetes mellitus. It is a well known fact that Diabetes is a type of disease that effects every organ of human body.
The main observed side effects of Diabetes are blindness, glaucoma, kidney failure, nerve problems and heart disease.
Diabetes is categorized in Two type: IDDM:Insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus and NIDDM:Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. IDDM is aka Type 1 diabetes or juvenile-onset diabetes, since it often develops in early stage of life. While NIDDM Is called as Type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes, as it occurs on older adults.
Some acute signs of diabetes which are easily noticeable in diabetes patients are: excessive urine production, resulting thirst and increased fluid intake to compensate the fluid demand, unexplained and sudden weight loss, blurred eye vision, and changes in energy metabolism.
The Cure of Diabetes is possible as insulin is widely and easily available in the market. Though there is no permanent solution for this disease, but regular intake of prescribed insulin dosage can help person living healthy normal life.
Regular exercise with daily morning walk is proved to be very helpful in controlling higher glucose level. For diabetes patients it is advisable to eat plenty of regular meals & snacks to avoid fluctuation in glucose level of body. Low fat, high fiber foods to achieve and maintain normal weight. Try to avoid: Saturated fat foods, : “Pure Calorie” driven foods like sweets, chocolates which can contribute to obesity.
At last do keep in mind the fact that “Prevention is better than cure”, a scientific research proved that weight loss is powerful preventive medicine for overweight people at high risk of diabetes.

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