Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yoga Guidance

All the physical techniques of Yoga should be performed on a “somewhat empty” stomach. We should not be completely famished, as we’d be lacking in sufficient energy to practice adequately, yet we shouldn’t practice too soon after taking food either. This is one of the reasons why early morning is the best time for practice … we’re well-rested and energised (you should not have to eat for at least a couple hours after waking!).
When you practice yoga techniques, take off jewellery, glasses, hairpins and any metallic objects, which may create interference, disturbing the flow of your subtle energies.
For this same reason, metallic objects such as piercings or jewellery can negatively affect energy fields throughout the body and should be avoided altogether.
Avoid wearing clothing made from synthetic or artificial fabric as these may serve to insulate you from the energies of nature that you are striving to be in harmony with. It is best to wear comfortable, all-cotton, linen, silk or other natural fabric clothing (a lot of the trendiest modern yoga wear does not fit the bill!).
Of course, there are several other yoga precautions we can consider too, but these are a few good free yoga tips to start thinking about for now. The main thing is to practice yoga!… And tomorrow I’m going to help you get out of bed to do just that!

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