Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kundali Yoga to fight stress

It is true that positive stressors can be good for us and good for our nervous system. It is only when the stress is too extreme, too prolonged, inappropriate to the challenge or accompanied by strong negative emotions like fear that the stress load gets unmanageable.
In Sanskrit the word kundalini means life force. Literally translated the word kundalini actually means "that which is coiled." Many yoga practitioners refer to the kundalini as a serpent. The serpent in the body is also known as the person's life force.
Kundalini is a type of yoga that focuses on communication between mind and body. People who practice kundalini believe that such communication is important for physical and mental health. They also believe that this yoga will promote psychospiritual growth. That is why people who practice kundalini are masters of concentration. Concentration is essential for communication. It is the first step for connecting the physical and spiritual self.

On the other hand, stress in the body comes from emotional stress or physical stress that we put on the body through our activity, our environment (toxins) or the food we eat. The stress response shifts all the resources away from repair and maintenance. We stop repairing muscle, managing our blood sugar levels and relaxing our heart and vessels. This may explain why rest alone is not the cure for all stress. We need a deeper “relaxation response” that re-engages the innate maintenance mechanism of the body’s innate intelligence. When we are chronically stressed we don’t go back to zero. The body stays on high alert and we start to literally break down- drowning in our own cortisol soup. If we can regularly get to that inner zero point, we give ourselves the chance to heal. That is why lifestyle, meditation and exercise are very effective treatments for this

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