Friday, June 4, 2010

Habits, lifestyle and weight loss

I suggest that before you dive head first into your next weight loss program it is worth taking a habit check. When we talk about habit we usually think about eating, drinking and smoking too much and make the mistake of trying to change the behavior without changing ourselves – see How to break a habit and see why we should not be too hard on ourselves if we find it difficult.
What you eat is usually closely related to what you are doing. What do you grab from the fridge when you get home from work? Do you always buy a coffee and a danish before you get on the train, arrive at work or meet up with friends? Are you really hungry when you buy this food or is it just because you always do it? If yes, then you are like the majority of people who are habitual eaters. Think about it. When you go shopping it is easier to buy the usual food because you know where it is in the store and this saves time. It’s less effort, you don’t have to think too hard when your tired after a tough day and just want to get home.Habits play a huge role in our lives but we are barely conscious of it. Try the short experiments in our Fitness test and you will recognize the power of habit. So the first step in starting a successful weight loss program is to appreciate just how many of your decisions are automatic habitual actions that you did not consciously choose to do.The next time you are about to get on the train see if your legs start taking you towards the coffee vendor by themselves.

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